About Me

I am a software developer from Zurich, Switzerland.

My name is Timon Brüllmann and I live in central Europe, Zurich to be exact. I've started my career by studying Computer Science at HSR. I have strong interests in Software Architecture, Distributed Systems and Apps.

I have worked with the following technologies:

  • Java
  • C#
  • C / C++
  • Python
  • ReactJS / JavaScript
  • Subversion, Git, TFS
  • Eclipse, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code
  • AWS
  • Django / REST-API
  • Spring, JSP
  • Postgres, MySQL, HSQLDB

Work Experience




Vela Solaris

The company Vela Solaris develops and distributes the simulation software Polysun. Polysun software offers valuable support with the design, analysis and calculation of installations in the field of renewable energies.



On behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and as an accredited test laboratory (ISO 17025), the SPF is renowned worldwide as one of the leading laboratories for tests and certifications in the solar thermal domain. In addition, since 1981, the SPF has carried out application-oriented research and development, in particular as a service to SMCs and industry.



The HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil is a member of the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland (FHO). It was founded in 1972 as the Interkantonales Technikum Rapperswil. The HSR is supported by the three cantons of St. Gallen, Schwyz and Glarus.


2015 - Now
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich - Zurich, Switzerland -- BSc. in Computational Science and Engineering
2013 - 2015
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich - Zurich, Switzerland -- BSc. in Computer Science
2008 - 2013
University of Applied Sciences - Rapperswil, Switzerland -- BSc. in Computer Science
University of Canberra - Canberra, Australia -- English Proficiency
2002 - 2006
University of Applied Sciences - Rapperswil, Switzerland -- Lehre als Elektroniker

Software Projects

Windows 8 Store App

The goal of this project was to develop a new Windows 8 ERP frontend for coresystems, applying an innovative UI design and software architecture.


coresystems AG

Object Caching

Optimistic Concurrency vs. Optimistic Concurrency with Cache



Staila AG

Publication (German)

Systemoptimierung mit dynamischen Simulationen


Vela Solaris AG

Systemoptimierung der Kombination von Solarkollektoren mit Wärmepumpenanlagen


Vela Solaris AG

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