d2:elements - main page


This is the homepage for the d2:elements mod, which is currently in development. I, Char, am the one who develops it. You might know me from the Phrozenkeep Forums. This mod is for Diablo2: Lord of Destruction version 1.10.

The base version of this mod, v1.0, can be downloaded from HERE.
The update to v1.01 can be downloaded from HERE.

As I am german, there are also some links to german sites on this page. If you are not german, please just ignore them :).

I have made this page to fit 800*600 screen resolution, so it might look a little bit small if your resolution is higher than 1024*768, sorry. I didnt want to annoy users with low screen resolutions.

This page is full of spoilers, especially in the items section.
If you would like to play a mod that is close to the original game while giving you a totally new feeling when playing it, and you like to explore new things rather than read them on an internet page, if you like challenge and want to try out something new, just download the mod and play it, you might have a lot of fun.
You should read about the new skillsystem, though, because this needs some explanation. You can find a description here.

Also, you can find the d2:elements forum (the place to ask questions) here.