XviD QuickTime Component
19 Oct 2007Bug section updated
 I updated the bug section. It seems there are incompatibilities with Roxio Toast 8 and Elgato's EyeTV
5 Oct 2007Update
 There is a new version of the component available. Now, the component is universal. Although the new version does not yet include a compressor component. This will follow.
21 Sep 2006Just news
 Just wanted to update the homepage with some recent information. Check the Bugsection & AC3 Support
26 Mar 2006AC3 fixes in AviImporter
 I made some bugfixes with avis with ac3 soundtrack. Most of them should be imported correctly now if you installed the 'AC3 Codec'. See the section AC3 Support
26 Feb 2006Bugfixes for AviImporter and Intel build
 I did some bugfixing of the aviimporter and there is now a experimental Intel test build available for download. See the Bug section for still unresolved issues of the aviimporter.
20 Feb 2006XviD Encoder missing
 Due to a mistake in the Rez file, the compressor component was not available in the Preview. So I put on an update which includes the compressor again
9 Feb 2006Merging with FFusion
 The avi importer is a shared project between Jerome of the FFusion project and me. The test version of the avi importer will be standalone. After we know it is working quite well. The Avi importer will be included to the FFusion project with updated ffmpeg files. I think I'll include the avi importer directly to XviD_Codec in the rewrite.
9 Feb 2006Avi Importer Test version available
 After about eight month of developing. I can now finally announce an avi importer. This is only a test version and I do not want to post to macupdate.com or versiontracker.com. Please give feedback if it is working. Check the Download section
29 Jul 2005DivX 6 Beta Available
 I just got a hint that there is a DivX 6 Beta version available for Mac OS X which is compatible with QT 7. Check this link: DivX Fusion
28 Jul 2005DivX Avi Handler NOT working
 In contradiction of what I posted at 18 June, the DivX Avi Handler does not work with QT 7. I just saw that there is again a text warning that it is not compatible. Nevertheless some avi's play fine after installing the DivX component on my machine.
2 Jul 2005RSS setup
 I have finally setup an rss feed so you can easily stay up to date with an rss newsreader.
26 Jun 2005Roadmap created
 I created a new Menu Entry 'Roadmap'. Where I wrote my intentions about what I'm programming in near/far future.
30 May 2005No Avi Handling
 Note that the DivX Component doesn't work on 10.4. This meAns there is currently no working Avi importer available for QuickTime. If you have problems decoding an XviD Avi then, probably it's because you got no working avi importer. See their homepage to get more news about that
6 May 2005XviD_Codec QT 7 Problems
 I think there are some problems with Tiger and/or QT 7. I have not yet a fully working system (clean install of 10.4) but I will track down the problems as soon as I can.
12 Apr 2005XviD_Codec v0.5.1 Released
 Release new version. Contains some small improvements. Main goal is to distribute with new xvid beta version. Read the FAQ why there are so few improvements.
12 Apr 2005Altivec mpeg dequantization patch commited
 Some time ago, the other altivec patch (mpeg dequantization) was commited to xvid.org
20 Mar 2005Altivec Patch commited
 It is now no longer needed, to download the xvid library on this site. The Colorspace Patch has been commited to xvid.org