AviImport / XviD_Codec Preview

This is the fist release of the AviImporter which is a shared project between the XviD_Codec & FFusion. The AviImporter does work quite good on my computer but that doesn't mean anything in some cases, so there's this preview release to see if it's worth to release it 'officially'. Please give feeback if this component is working or not.

Note that the DivX Component's AviImporter seems to be bound stronger to QuickTime than this one. So if you installed the DivX component, this AviImporter is actually never executed.

AviImporter currently works on MacOS 10.4.x

Intel CPU's

The Intel version is built on a MacBook Pro and tested on this machine. There's no Universal binary because that makes the component about twice as big and I'm trying to keep the binary as small as possible.

New in Preview

- Upgraded to xvidcore_1.1.0
- Added the Copy Track Checkbox to just passthrough the Video track. Useful to switch containers. WARNING: This option is quite risky, so you should really check if everything is ok, especially video/audio sync!!! Nevertheless it can be useful.

New in v0.5.1

- Upgraded to newest xvidcore version (based on cvs 6.04.05), including some new altivec routines.
- The Apple QuickTime Movie Exporter has now a disabled 'Keyframe every ...' Checkbox.
- Minor Bugfixes in the GUI

New in v0.5

- Fixed an altivec alignment error.
- Upgraded to newest xvidcore version (based on cvs 1.03.05)
- Created an XviD Avi Export Component. For a list of supported audio codecs, see the notes file if you download the component.
- Fixed the bug with the 'faststart' and 'interleave' checkboxes.

New in v0.4.1

- Fixed the incompatibility bug with iMovie. You can use the 'presets' in the iMovie Export Dialog.
- Fixed a bug which caused QuickTime to display a message 'Compressor not found' when converting from some Codecs (e.g. DV) with a resize operation in the normal QuickTime Movie Exporter.
- Fixed an Altivec alignment error which was caused through indirect rendering to a not 16-byte aligned gworld. (This caused the movie to look like a really bad deinterlaced movie).

New in v0.4

- Changed the green frame at the beginning of the movie caused by a b-frame decoder lag to a black frame.
- Fixed a theoretical Bufferoverflow in the Decompressor.
- Added new features to the image encoder.
- Added the ability to disable the altivec in the codec.
- Added two new entries which controls the altivec enabling

New in v0.3

- Upgraded xvidcore to a new ppc port I recently wrote (incl. the bugfixes of 13 Nov 2004).
- Added some Preferences to the Decoder. It can be configures using the new XviD_PreferencesController app.
- Bugfix in the Decoding routine.
- Rewrote the Audio Exporting part of the Movie Exporter. I can no more produce a crash or a corrupt audio track during export. If someone still can, please let me know.
- Created this application to control the XviD_Decompressor.
- Added support for the following features: low_delay, deblock, dering.

New in v0.2.1

- I think I got the bug that was responsible for the smearing and bad quality after saving the movie or a part of it self-contained.

- The Faststart and Interleave Checkboxes also should work now.

New in v0.2

- Added support for the Base Image Decompressor. It's now supported to draw at interrupt time.
- Fixed a huge memory leak.
- Upgrade to a more recent xvidcore.

- The Audio-Export is now done by the codec itself. There's now no more a need to export indirectly via a temp file.