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Juliana Troch: Petrogenesis of low D18O rhyolites in the Snake River Plain – Yellowstone area, USA: a geochemical and experimental approach (in coll. with Dr. Ellis, and Prof. Ulmer)

Main adviser:

Secondary advisor

Geneva and its lake

A view of the Nisyros caldera (Greece)

Seattle from the North

Mt Baker from Sequim

  1. M.A. Dungan, University of Oregon

  2. D.M. Graveley, University of Canterbury

  3. F. Gutierrez, Universidad de Chile

  4. C. Huber, Brown University,

  5. P. Lipman, USGS Menlo Park

  1. B. Schoene, Princeton University

  2. M. Townsend, U. of Oregon

  3. T.A. Vogel, Michigan State University

Downtown Zurich from the air

Cerro Azul and Quizapu full of snow