Reprinting Intelligence

Computational design of an art installation using a L-system, size optimization, and 3D printing.

Directional swimming robot

Untethered soft swimming robot with a pre-programmed travel path exploiting mechanical instability.

Reconfigurable Structures

Load bearing structures that are autonomously deployed through bistability and shape memory effect.

Bistable Mechanism

3D printed bistable structures using multiple materials that transform from flat to 3D geometries.

Shape Transforming 4D Auxetic Structures

Introduced autonomous large shape changing auxetic unit cells that are fabricated using 3D printing

Curvature of Imperfect Shells w. Buckling

Buckling capacity of imperfect thin shell structures by visualizing the change in Gaussian curvature.

Opt. of Trusses via Convex Programming

Optimize trusses under buckling and stress constraints with nodal coordinates and member size as variables.

Shape grammar

Automatically generate existing wheel rim designs, and novel and customizable ones

CAD education with 3DP

Assess the improvement in learning motivation through the design and fabrication of 3D printed toy cars