Setting up my website with 11ty

Since I started writing my summaries and cheat sheets there was always the question on how I could share them with others. After using polybox for a long time, I created a simple website using static HTML. I hosted this site on my personal ETH page.

I was never really satisfied with that solution. During the last 6 months, I therefore tried out many different static site generatos, e.g. Jekyll, Hugo etc. But I never found a theme that I liked and I didn't want to spend the time developing my own theme.

Then, around christmas, I signed up for a hackathon. As a preparation, I wanted to learn a bit of Javascript and some other WebDev tools. During this process, I thought to myself, lets use this knowledge to upgrade my website. After adding a fancy background, I got inspired by the other polyring sites and wanted to add a blog. But hard coding my own blog was a bit to much, at least time wise. Therefore I knew that I had to look for a static site generator.

I decided to go with 11ty as my static site generator. This keeps my site as simple as possible, but adds a lot of nice features, like support for markdown and nunjucks templates. The process of converting my old page went really smooth and within a short amount of time, I had the first version up and running. From there on it was simply about adjusting the CSS and writing some nunjuck templates. I am really happy with 11ty and how easy it is to use.

In the future I want to add some more functionality like code highlighting or even make new versions of the site deploy automatically. (Currently I simply use GitHub actions to build, but not deploy the site). You can check out the source code here.

Now that I have my fancy blog, I had to write this first blog post. Normaly I don't like writing, I always feel like I'm making to many mistakes and that I could have written the text in a better way. But this blog should not be about writing these perfect blog posts, I want to use it more as a journal. Being able to quickly write something about an interesting topic and not having to worry too much about proofreading or creating a "smooth" text. But maybe over time my writing will get better. Anyway, thanks for reading my first blog post, I hope you'll stick around, even if it only is for my summaries :).

Published: Fri Jul 29 2022