Office: WEV G214

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Chair of Information Management at ETH Zurich, working with Prof. Elgar Fleisch. I also serve as the head of AI and digital biomarker research at the Centre for Digital Health Interventions. Together with Prof. Fleisch, I supervise the PhD students Fan Wu and Jinjoo Shim, and lead the Core for AI & Digital Biomarker, Acoustic and Inflammatory Biomarkers (ADAMMA). I am also affiliated with the ETH AI Center.

My research goals are,

  1. to advance patient-centered healthcare and,
  2. to provide insight into biological biomarkers by answering clinically relevant research questions in the field of health informatics.
My approach consists of refining relevant research questions in collaboration with medical professionals, networking with data holders when needed, employing consumer-centric devices as sensing tools, and applying appropriate statistical methods (e.g., Machine Learning and Deep Learning) to develop predicting models from observational research.

I hold a MSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at ETH Zurich. I obtained my PhD (Dr. sc.) in applied Machine Learning at the Centre for Digital Health Interventions at ETH Zurich. My dissertation is entitled:
"Enabling a Digital Biomarker for Asthma—Smartphone Contact-Free Audio-Based Nocturnal Cough Monitoring".


February 13, 2022
I am excited to announce that our paper TripletCough: Cougher Identification and Verification from Contact-Free Smartphone-Based Audio Recordings Using Metric Learning got accepted at the IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics! Early release manuscript is available here.

July 14, 2021
I am excited to announce that our paper Lena: a Voice-Based Conversational Agent for Remote Patient Monitoring in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with David Cleres, Frank Rassouli, Martin Brutsche, Tobias Kowatsch, and Filipe Barata has been published at the Healthy Interfaces Workshop - HEALTHI collocated with the ACM IUI 2021 Manuscript is available here.

June 01, 2021
Today, it was a great pleasure to present at the international workshop “AI based Remote Patient Monitoring and Diagnosis in the pandemic age and beyond (RPDM)”, Department of Computer Science, at the University of Haifa, Israel

March 29, 2021
I am excited to announce that our paper Voice-Based Conversational Agents for the Prevention and Management of Chronic and Mental Health Conditions: Systematic Literature Review with Caterina Bérubé, Theresa Schachner, Roman Keller, Elgar Fleisch, Florian v Wangenheim, Filipe Barata+ and Tobias Kowatsch+ (+co-last authors) has been published at the Journal of Medical Internet Research.