Renana Gershoni Poranne

Renana Gershoni Poranne

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Renana Gershoni Poranne is a Branco Weiss Fellow and a Senior Scientist (Group Leader) in the group of Prof. Dr. Peter Chen at the Laboratorium für Organische Chemie at the ETH Zürich.

Renana was appointed to her position as Senior Scientist and Lecturer in July 2017, following a two-year post-doctoral period in the same group. She completed her PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Amnon Stanger in the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry at the Technion, working on elucidation of the properties of aromatic compounds and developing methodologies for the identification and quantification of aromaticity in polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons. Prior to that, she received her MSc Summa cum Laude for her work on functionlization of corannulene in the group of Prof. Ehud Keinan.

Renana's research interests lie in the field of computational physical organic chemistry, with particular emphasis on development of methods and tools for better understanding of mechanisms and physical properties of organic and organo-metallic compounds. Her group's work focuses on questions related to aromaticity, dispersion, metallophilic interactions, catalysis, and mechanism elucidation.

More information may be found here: Full CV; Full List of Publications

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