Benedek's Domain - DCPU-16 Emulator and Assembler

Some time ago, Notch, the creator of Minecraft, announced a new game, 0x10c, that would include programmable computers with a processor that he invented, called the DCPU-16.

Even though there is hardly any information on the machine (since it's so young), a lot of people have already made emulators, assemblers and even full-blown IDEs in different languages for it. So I decided I would try it myself :)

Both parts (assembler and emulator) are written in C++.

Video demonstration:

UPDATE UPDATE: The source code is on Bitbucket now and is being worked on:

UPDATE: I made some changes to the program. Using a different font image format and a more custom blitter function, I was able to drop the SDL_image and SDL_gfx dependencies, which seemed to have issues on some systems.

All in all, the program should be a little more stable now.

Old Download

Old version:

The program might be a bit buggy and crash-y, but it should run well enough. It doesn't have any special system requirements; it only depends on SDL, SDL_image and SDL_gfx. The test programs, as seen in the video, are included as well.

Old Old Download

Bonus: Still Alive played on the speaker hardware:

MP3 Download