Curriculum Vitae

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Personal details

Date of birth October 19, 1992
Place of birth Waalwijk, The Netherlands
Nationality Dutch

Research interests

● Geodynamics
● Subduction dynamics
● Mantle dynamics
● Lithosphere dynamics
● Venus
● Seismology
● Subduction zone earthquakes
● Tsunami generation by earthquakes
● Numerical modelling
● Dynamic rupture modelling

Professional experience

2015–present PhD Candidate, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, Seismology and Wave Physics Group.
The stress state of tsunamigenic faults.
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Andreas Fichtner and Dr. Ylona van Dinther.
2018 Visiting researcher, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, Tectonics group.
2016–2018 Visiting researcher during multiple visits of 1 - 2 weeks over the course of 2 years, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany, Seismology group.
2014 Visiting student, Norges Geologiske Undersøkelse, Norway, Geodynamics Team.


2014–2015 Master of Science, Earth structure and dynamics, Cum laude, GPA 4.0, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.
Total duration of program: 1.5 years.
Track: Physics of the deep Earth and planets.
Master thesis: Mantle dynamics on Venus: insights from numerical modelling.
Supervisors: Dr. A. P. van den Berg, Dr. R. C. Ghail and Dr. C. Thieulot.
Guided Research: Numerical geodynamic modelling: compression and extension using ASPECT, SULEC and ELEFANT.
Supervisors: Dr. C. Thieulot & Dr. S. J. H. Buiter.
2011–2014 Bachelor of Science, Earth sciences, Cum laude, GPA 4.0, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.
Total duration of program: 2.5 years.
1st year geology field course in Aliaga, Spain (4 weeks).
Tracks: Dynamics of the Solid Earth & Geology of the Solid Earth.
Bachelor thesis: On the influence of weak zones on lithospheric- and crustal-scale numerical models. Supervisors: Dr. C. Thieulot and Prof. Dr. W. Spakman.
2004–2010 Gymnasium, Cum laude, Dr. Mollercollege, Waalwijk, The Netherlands.

Teaching experience

2017 Supervisor MSc students
● Sunniva Moris, Simulating Earthquake-Generated Subduction Zone Tsunamis, Master thesis, 2017, ETH Zürich.
2012–2015 Teaching assistant, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.
Supervising, helping and assessing students during tutorials, practicals and exams.
● System Earth 1, first year course, 2014.
● Chemistry of the Earth 2, first year course, 2013.
● Physics, first year course, 2013 and 2014.
● Linear Algebra and Vector Analysis, second year course, 2012 and 2013.
● Differential Equations in the Earth Sciences, second year course, 2013 and 2015.
● Programming and Modelling of Earth Processes, third year course, 2013 and 2014.
● Continuum mechanics, third year course, 2014.
2013–2014 Assistant teacher, Stichting Studiebegeleiding Leiden, The Netherlands.
Preparing high school students for their final exam in English.
2011 Private tutor, Ready To School, Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Courses: Ancient Greek, Chemistry, Dutch, English, French, Mathematics, Physics.
2011 Personal assistant teacher, Dr. Mollercollege, Waalwijk, The Netherlands.
2008–2010 Homework tutor, Dr. Mollercollege, Waalwijk, The Netherlands.

Awards & Grants

2017 CIDER 2017 research grant, CIDER, Berkeley, USA, Co-PI, $5000,-.
2014 Travel grant, Post-Alpbach, European Space Agency, France.
2014 Student grant, GeoMod 2014, Potsdam, Germany.
2014 Oscar for competitiveness, Summer School Alpbach, Austria.
2014 Oscar for quality of presentation, Summer School Alpbach, Austria.
2014 Student grant, SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Selected additional functions & activities

2017–present Editor-in-Chief EGU geodynamics blog, European Geosciences Union, Munich, Germany.
2018 EGU short course convener, Geodynamics 101: how to use and interpret numerical models of the solid Earth, EGU 2018, Vienna, Austria.
2018 EGU short course co-convener, Seismology for non-seismologists, EGU 2018, Vienna, Austria.
2018 Principal meeting organiser & member of scientific committee, 2nd ASCETE workshop on coupling earthquakes and tsunamis, Bayrischzell, Germany.
2016–2017 Organiser group seminars and progress meetings, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.