ASCETE workshop 2018

Credit: Jörn Behrens

I organised and attended the 2nd ASCETE workshop on coupling earthquakes and tsunamis from January 30 - February 2, 2018. We went to Berghotel Sudelfeld in the small, picturesque village Bayrischzell in Germany (approximately 1.5 hours south of Munich). I organised the workshop together with Stefan Vater and we were very excited for the workshop to start (and go well). Luckily, everything went according to plan and we had a great workshop with lots of interesting talks from some of the most famous people in dynamic rupture modelling, tsunami studies, and high-performance computing.

Apart from making sure that everyone arrived (and departed) in one piece; making the scientific program; and other organisational duties, I also had a pretty heavy scientific program for myself. I was in charge of the 'Poster Slam / Poster Pitch / Poster Presentations' on Wednesday and Thursday; presented my own poster on Wednesday; was chair of the session on 'Methods for coupling earthquakes and tsunamis' which focussed more on the scientific applications; and to round it off, I gave the ~35 minute introduction talk on our geodynamic seismic cycle code (STM). Beforehand, it wasn't really intended that I would do this much during the workshop, but as my supervisor turned out to be unable to attend the workshop due to her advanced pregnancy, I took over most of her duties (such as chairing a session and giving the talk). As it turns out, I absolutely loved it! It was amazing to try out chairing a session in such a safe, small environment.

As a matter of fact, I really loved this workshop on a whole. It was the perfect size (only 32 participants), so you got to talk to everyone. Besides that, the talks were all very good and the topic was superinteresting of course! I also loved being busy all the time (and, I will admit, feeling a bit important as an organiser). As a result of being very busy, I was very efficient and worked very hard and a lot. My typical day would start with discussing science at breakfast at 8:00h and I would finally finish the last slides of a presentation at 24:00h.

All in all, I think this ASCETE workshop has beaten NetherMod 2017 and is now my all-time favourite workshop. Hooray! Hopefully it will result in many fruitful science/publications/collaborations within/without the ASCETE project.

Group picture ASCETE workshop on coupling earthquakes and tsunamis 2018 (Credit: Jörn Behrens)

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