CIDER Summer School 2017

During the summer school, a new collaboration project was started named ORCHID: Outer Rise Characteristics Intermediate Depth

I attended the CIDER Summer School 2017 on 'Subduction zone structure and dynamics' from June 25 to July 21, 2017. After two weeks of lectures on subduction zones, different project groups were made to facilitate interdisciplinary research on a subduction zone related topic. The group I ended up in focused on the link between outer rise and intermediate depth seismicity. We came up with the lovely acronym ORCHID, which stands for Outer Rise Characteristics Intermediate Depth, so we were henceforth known as the ORCHID project. By compiling global databases on outer rise seismicity, fault characteristics, and intermediate depth seismicity we attempted to discover a definite link between these two types of seismicity. The observational part was complemented by a numerical modelling study on faulting related to a bending slab.
During the two weeks at CIDER, data has been compiled from several subduction zones and an initial model setup has been developed. We will continue to develop the ORCHID project further in order to complete the global databases and perform a numerical parameter study. Our next goal is to present a poster with more updated results at AGU 2017.

CIDER Summer School 2017 Group Picture

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