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Afra Amini
Computer Scientist
Currently, I am a computer science master student at ETH Zürich. Before joining ETH I gained my bachelor's at Sharif University of Technology.
My Skills...
Softwares, technologies and tools that I am experienced in:
Data Scientist
Working on Divar the biggest classified ads platfrom in Iran. Prototyping various supervised and unsupervised techniques for automating ad content moderation. Deploying ML models to production, considering monitoring and evaluation.
Analytics Club Datathon
Ranked 3rd in ACE Datathon. The challenge was predicting tweets’ popularity given textual and time-series information
Summer Intern - ETH
Participated in research program for undergraduate students under supervision of Prof. Markus Püschel and Prof. Martin Vechev. Worked on Fast Polyhedra Abstract Domain.
Software Engineer Intern
Worked on an android application which manages text messages and provides an online chat service.
Here you can see some of my projects
ECG Classification
Classify ECG rhythms to detect arrhythmia using dilated convolutional networks.
Technologies Used
Python, Numpy, Tensorflow, Keras, Plotly.
Arrhythmia is irregular heart rhythm which can be diagnosed from ECG signals. One of the major components of ECG signals is R-peak which has a crucial role in arrhythmia classification. more
In this work, we tackle the problem of arrhythmia classification using strategies based on deep learning methods. We first present an architecture based on Dilated Convolutional Networks by which R-peak feature is detected. Therefore, the most remarkable features in the classification of arrhythmia will be extracted. Then, in the second step, another Dilated Convolutional Neural Network is applied to the extracted segments centering on R-peaks to classify arrhythmias. less
Reward and Punishment
Technologies Used
Java, Hibernate
A software designed for managers to measure employees performance.... more
They can define computable metrics for evaluators to evaluate employees with respect to these metrics. Then, managers are able to set rewards or punishments based on the evaluation results. Ultimately, The goal was to learn object oriented design and implement some design patterns. less
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Child Foundation
Technologies Used
Django, Python, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, jQuery
Section Title
A website designd to help childs in poverty. People can select childs and become their sponser. They can see each child's needs and they submit their offer.... more
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