Who I am

Contact via jona.engel@mat.ethz.ch or via twitter: engelJona

Talk to me about process engineering, alloy development and materials and micro structure testing. I help engineers and scientists to cut metals and carbides and develop materials which are difficult to cut.

I am a metallurgist and process engineer who helps to develop and understand new processes and deploys them effectively. With a view across scales, disciplines and cultures I create value by facilitating communication between those thought silos.

Jona Engel, contact via jona.engel@mat.ethz.ch

What I do

Spending time in the labs and offices around Zurich.

In the labs

When in the labs, I am welding all sorts of metals and ceramics with lasers. When it stick, I cut it again with diamonds, beams of ions or those super fast fs lasers so I am able to look at them with large microscopes. Occasionally I also poke on my alloys with sharp diamonds, preferably under one of these microscopes. As a matter of fact, I enjoy pushing instrumented nano indentation to its limits all the way between dental ceramic-ceramic composites and fibre reinforced polymers.

In the office

In the office I am trying to make sense of the hirachical structures structures we can form with laser cladding and (powder) metallurgy:w in general. The structure-property relations are at the heart of my investigations.