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Kirlian photography

   Kirlian photography is taking photos of electric corona emitted by conductive objects. The name is descended from Siemion Kirlian's surname, a russian technician, who conducted research about this phenomenon. To take Kirlian photos you need a high voltage generator and some flat insulator.

Usually Kirlian photos are taken directly on a photographic paper. To take it using e.g. digital still camera (as I did) you need some transparent conductor. I used salt water. On the left is a picture presenting the setup.

   On the left photo you can see a glass lid. I poured salt water into it and connected the HV. The key is under the glass lid and it's connected to ground. As the HV generator I used a TV flyback transformer.
   To take some photos of hand I needed bigger area, so I used a piece of window glass and built a setup which you can see on the right photo. Salt water was just spilled on the glass.

   Here are some of my Kirlian photos. On the last one is a tangerine cut in a half.





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