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RGB laser projector ver. 2.5

   I haven't had too much time to take care about this website recently. Therefore, a description of the RGB Laser Projector v2.5 will not appear here soon. BUT, I've posted this project at the elektroda.pl forum. It's been about four months since the project is finished and it's still not here at my website, so I decided to put here at least some photos and a link to the topic at the elektroda.pl forum:


   Unfortunately, the description is written in Polish only, so you'll have to use some translator to read it. Here's a link to the topic translation by google translator:

Forum topic translated to English by Google

   For the control of the projector I used a Popelscan RGB interface with a few of my own modifications. Here is a schematic:

   The circuit has been built on a PCB which you can see in a screenshot here. The following PDF file available for downlaod is a mirrored layout prepared for thermal transfer PCB making method.

   During my work on this laser projector I've also written two useful programs for ILDA files. The first one is a .BMP to .ILD file converter, and the second one is .ILD files viewer. You can see the screenshots below. Click the picture to enlarge the screenshot. Click the link under the picture to download the executable file.

Download: bmp2ild_v2 Download: ILDView_1.0beta

   For displaying .ILD files with a laser projector with Popelscan DAC interface, I used free NLS software, which you can download from here:


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