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About me

   Hi! My name is Karol (equivalent of English 'Charles'). I use c4r0 nickname in the Internet for things related to the topics of this website. I was born in 1987 in Poland and I went to Gdansk University of Technology to study Optoelectronics. I've been interested in electronics for veeery long time. A proof is the left of the following pictures where while being a pretty young guy I'm already holding some PCB removed from an old TV :) The picture on the right, where I'm holding a robot leg I just assembled, is more up to date.

   Until around 2011 I was spending most of my free time in my home workshop working on the DIY projects presented on this website. In 2011 I went for one year internship to Veeco Instruments where I worked as an electrical engineer designing a module for new generation lapping system dedicated for HDD magnetic heads manufacture process (I later based my Master's thesis on that). Since then I had to leave my home workshop behind, and moreover, I started spending my days working on electronics and programming as a job, so I stopped working on the DIY projects. This is the reason why since 2011 this website is almost dead. After graduating with Master's degree I went for another internship, this time at Bruker, where I worked on a prototype of Tip-Enhanced Raman Microscope. Since mid 2013, I was a PhD student at ETH Zurich building an near-field microscope operating at liquid helium temperature and trying to use it to characterize and improve superconducting single-photon detectors. I've been trying to write something about this project here on this website for a very long time but it's going very very slowly... In late 2017 I finished the PhD and started to work as an electronics engineer in a startup related to robotics.

   My main interests after electronics and science are various sports, mostly those related to mountains (or at least hills, whenever I'm in Gdansk). In the years of 2006 to 2016 I was an amateur acrobat and gymnast on self-taught basis. Besides that I'm an active snowboarder and skier, mountain biker, I do rock climbing sometimes and recently I got into mountaineering and olympic weightlifting. Below you can see a couple more pictures of me. In the left one I'm doing something to the cryogenic scan head I' built during my PhD, on the right it's a photo of me skitouring and then a photo where I watch a sunrise on the way to Weissmies. Below the photos there is also a short video of my acrobatic tricks from the years of 2007-2009 - good old times.

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