Pierrick Bousseau

        ETH-ITS Junior Fellow

        ETH Zürich

              Curriculum Vitae

Research:       Algebraic geometry, curve counting theories (Gromov-Witten, Donaldson-Thomas invariants), tropical geometry, mirror symmetry, deformation quantization,
                        quiver invariants, cluster varieties...

                        ETH Zurich
                        Institute for Theoretical Studies
                        Clausiusstrasse 47
                        Building CLV
                        8092 Zurich


                        Direct links below sometimes refer to a version of a paper more polished than the arxiv one.

                        Tropical refined curve counting from higher genera and lambda classes , published in Inventiones mathematicae.

                        The quantum tropical vertex

                        Quantum mirrors of log Calabi-Yau surfaces and higher genus curve counting, arxiv version, published in Compositio Mathematica.

                        On an example of quiver DT/relative GW correspondence

                        Refined floor diagrams from higher genera and lambda classes

                        On the log-local principle for the toric boundary, joint with Andrea Brini and Michel van Garrel

                        Scattering diagrams, stability conditions, and coherent sheaves on P2 , arxiv version

                        A proof of N.Takahashi's conjecture on genus zero Gromov-Witten theory of (P2,E), arxiv version

                        Holomorphic anomaly equation for (P2,E) and the Nekrasov-Shatashvili limit of local P2, arxiv version, joint with Honglu Fan, Shuai Guo, and Longting Wu

Lecture notes

                        Notes for a three hours lecture series given as part of the Beijing-Zurich moduli workshop in Beijing, 9-12 September 2019: Scattering diagrams, sheaves, and curves

                        Notes (incomplete) for a four hours lecture series given in Zurich, 20-27 February 2019: Tropical geometry, log geometry and applications to Gromov-Witten theory

PhD thesis
                        PhD thesis

Earlier texts (in French)

                        Master thesis

                        Bachelor thesis