Poranne Research Group

We Are Hiring!

Fully-funded Postdoctoral and PhD positions are available!
We are seeking highly motivated graduate students and postdoc researchers to join us in sunny Haifa.
Ideally, candidates should have coding experience and background in machine-learning, deep-learning, cheminformatics, or quantum chemical computations. However, we are happy to consider any candidates who are excited to learn these skills.
To apply, please email us your cover letter, CV, and contact information of your references.


The work in our group lies within the field of Physical Organic Chemistry, with a specific focus on using computational tools to investigate the properties and reactivity of organic and organo-metallic systems.

We are now launching new projects applying machine and deep-learning based techniques to probe the complex structure-property relationships in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and design new compounds for organic electronics.

Projects in the group are varied and allow for development of both quantum computation skills and programming (mostly Python) skills.