Lukas Schmid Lukas Schmid
  PhD Student

  Autonomous Systems Lab
  Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems
  Dep. of Mechanical and Process Engineering
  ETH Zurich

  LEE J-301
  Leonhardstrasse 21
  8092 Zurich
  +41 44 632 74 74

I'm a PhD student working with the Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL), lead by Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart at ETH Zurich. Before that, I obtained my MSc. in Robotics, Systems, and Control (RSC) also at ETH, which I graduated with distinction and was awarded the Willi Studer Prize for the best student and the ETH Medal for outstanding master theses.

My main research interest lies in autonomy for intelligent mobile systems. In particular, my work focuses on active and passive perception and understanding of changing environments for robotic interaction and augmented reality. This includes building dense geometric and semantic representations of an environment, scene abstraction and understanding, lifelong learning and mapping, as well as active path planning to build these representations and abstractions autonomously and in unknown environments.

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