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Dominik Schröder

Directional extremal statistics for Ginibre eigenvalues

Giorgio Cipolloni, László Erdős, Dominik Schröder, Yuanyuan Xu

J. Math. Phys.Vol. 63 (2022)


We obtain Gumbel fluctuations for the maximal real part of eigenvalues of Ginibre matrices. Moreover, we show that the corresponding extreme eigenvalues asymptotically form a Poisson point process.


We consider the eigenvalues of a large dimensional real or complex Ginibre matrix in the region of the complex plane where their real parts reach their maximum value. This maximum follows the Gumbel distribution and that these extreme eigenvalues form a Poisson point process, asymptotically as the dimension tends to infinity. In the complex case these facts have already been established by Bender [MR2594353] and in the real case by Akemann and Phillips [MR3192169] even for the more general elliptic ensemble with a sophisticated saddle point analysis. The purpose of this note is to give a very short direct proof in the Ginibre case with an effective error term. Moreover, our estimates on the correlation kernel in this regime serve as a key input for accurately locating maxSpec(X)\max\Re\mathrm{Spec}(X) for any large matrix XX with i.i.d. entries in the companion paper [2206.04448].