I am a researcher at ETH Zurich and work as a junior fellow, hosted by the Institute for Theoretical Studies and the group of Eugene Demler at the Institute for Theoretical Physics. There I work on topics at the intersection of quantum information, quantum optics and condensed-matter physics.

Academic Experience

ETH Zürich, Institute for Theoretical Studies
Junior Fellow
February 2022 – Present Zurich, Switzerland
Research on quantum simulation, condensed-matter physics and quantum machine learning. Hosted by Eugene Demler.
Max Plack Institute of Quantum Optics
Postdoctoral researcher
October 2020 – January 2022 Garching, Germany
Research on quantum optics and quantum information in the group of J. Ignacio Cirac. Collaborations with several experimental groups.
LMU Munich and MPQ
PhD student
April 2016 – September 2020 Garching, Germany
Research on solid-state implementations for quantum information processing, supervised by J. Ignacio Cirac [PhD thesis]. Visiting fellow at Harvard in the Lukin group (2018).
Universities of Freiburg and Hamburg
BSc and MSc
Universities of Freiburg and Hamburg
October 2010 – September 2015
Math and physics studies, theses supervised by Peter Schmelcher (2013-16). Summer research project under supervision of Tom Kirchner at York University (2012).

Recent Publications

Long-range electron-electron interactions in quantum dot systems and applications in quantum chemistry
Long-range interactions play a key role in several phenomena of quantum physics and chemistry. To study these phenomena, analog quantum …