About me:

I am Postdoc at ETH Zürich under the supervision of Vincent Tassion. I did my PhD at Laboratoire de Probabilités Statistique et Modélisation (LPSM) under the supervision of Marie Théret. I am working on percolation, first passage percolation and Boolean percolation. I defended my thesis on July 8th 2020, here is my manuscript.

I was co-organizer of the PhD student seminar of LPSM in 2018/2019.

I am one of the two laureates of the Séphora Berrebi scholarship 2019 in Advanced Mathematics, Prix de thèse Jacques Neveu 2020 and Swissmap innovator prize 2022. Here is a detailed CV.

Some videos:

I did a one hour and a half mini course on maximal flow and minimal cutset in first passage percolation at ICTS. You can find here a video.

You can find here a video of an online seminar at JIPS on large deviation principles for maximal flows and stream.

I did a presentation at Mathpark seminar in Septembre 2019. It was a one hour and a half lesson on the models of percolation and first passage percolation for undergraduate students. You can find here a video of the presentation.

Postal address:

ETH Zürich HG E65-2, Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland
E-mail: barbara.dembin(at)math.ethz.ch