Václav Rozhoň

I am fortunate to be a PhD student advised by Mohsen Ghaffari at ETH, Zurich. I have another amazing advisor in Bernhard Haeupler. Before coming to ETH, I studied at Charles University, Prague and worked in the group of Diana Piguet.

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If you wish to contact me, please use my email [name][surname]@gmail.com


Check out the videos about algorithms that Václav Volhejn and me work on!



Principles of distributed computing (teaching assistant, Spring 2022)
Advanced algorithms (teaching assistant, Fall 2021)
Principles of distributed computing (teaching assistant, Spring 2021)
Advanced algorithms (teaching assistant, Fall 2020)
Principles of distributed computing (teaching assistant, Spring 2020)
Advanced algorithms (teaching assistant, Fall 2019)


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Other reports

Distributed Algorithms, Finitary Factors, and Descriptive Combinatorics

Some time ago, I gave a very informal tutorial on what we knew about the relation of distributed algorithms, finitary factors, and descriptive combinatorics. Probably very outdated now. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, Video 6. Also, see this nice talk by Anton and this nice survey by Oleg Pikhurko about descriptive combinatorics.